Friday, August 29, 2008

It's gonna be a long weekend...

Closing manager tonight, opening Saturday and Sunday (thankfully not manager though) and then opening manager on Monday because well, it's a holiday, they're salary and I'm not. I will be so thankful for when I get rid of my building keys.

I think (hope) that Delaney is getting a few more teeth. This kid is so slow when it comes to getting all of her teeth, but when she does get them, it's business--usually 4 or more at a time! She is still missing a total of 8 teeth from her "baby teeth" set, one more set of molars and then her canines. She went to bed great last night, then woke up at 11:30pm, Chuck and I could hear her talking over the monitor. At first, I thought maybe she was just 1/2 awake and looking for her binkie or something. Then we heard very distinctive "up, down" so I decided to check on her. She was burning up! Even her legs were hot to the touch, so I took her into the rocker and took her temperature. We just do under-the-arm temp, but the mere sight of that thermometer brings her to tears. We did get a reading though, 100.8 I think, and under the arm is usually a degree lower than actual. I gave her some tylenol and we rocked for a bit to see if the fever would drop. She still felt a little warm, but was acting ok so we put her to bed. She woke again at 2am, not as warm but fussy, and I ended up bringing her into the spare bed with me where she slept and I dozed for about 20 minutes, then put her back in her room.

Got up and did breakfast this morning (she only ate 1/2 of her banana, a food she never turns down) then we headed to Target for our grocery run. Once we got home, I gave her an early lunch since breakfast was small and took her temp amidst tears again. Took it first thing this morning and it was 98.3, this time it was 100 again. More tylenol, and I asked her if she wanted to take a nap. She said yes but cried when I put her in her room so I just let her lay on the couch with a pillow, a lightweight blanket and her binkies. Put her down for a nap about 30 min later and she is still sleeping. I really hope this is just teeth related, we haven't been sick recently, and she hasn't really been around anyone else.

And to leave you with this for the weekend....I am a Calvin & Hobbes fan, and recently rediscovered a plethora of saved comics on the computer ---

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm Blue

At least, this past weekend I was. We finally got around to painting/redecorating the master bathroom. It was our first BIG house project, and I wanted to be able to mark one entire room off of the "to-do" list. First, pictures of the "before" bathroom...

Pictures of the work going on....
Priming the walls
Look -- a giant!
Starting with the blue paint
1/2 way there!
And now, the finished product!!!

Took this picture today, I managed to tie back the curtain panels yesterday. Looks much better!! And then I took a nice, hot bath.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Family photoshoot

Last weekend while we were off work was pretty nice. I honestly don't recall what we actually did, other than I know I went to Wal-Mart and got the oil changed while I was off Friday, Saturday we ran errands, and Sunday we went to my parents for a "photoshoot". My mom got some new frames in her dining room and needed 3 vertical pictures to fill them. So I decided to take the opportunity to take some photos of myself, Chuck and Delaney as well.

Her trademark "smile"

The whole reason for the photo shoot, to get a good picture of mom and dad
Wardrobe change!

She ripped the leaf in half, then exclaimed, "Oh no! Broke it!"
My mom thought this one was cute

And a pretty sunset to end the day

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The important thing is not to stop questioning. - Albert Einstein

Delaney is learning so much, so quickly!! I love watching her, but just want her to always stay this age. It's so much fun!! The new phrase she has learned is "Wassat?" which is said whenever she hears a different noise, picks up something she doesn't know what to call, or isn't sure what you are doing, i.e. "What's that?" Point-in-case, we went to the park a few blocks over yesterday morning and on the way home, we drove past the concrete plant. She could hear one of the trucks leaving as it drove past us, so she looked out the window and said, "Wassat?" So cute!

She is also trying to make sentences, by just putting together words of what she wants or needs. She always wants to sit in my lap if I am at the computer (note: she is getting some sort of computer for birthday/Christmas, feel free to post your recommendations. It must have a screen and keyboard, not the kind you plug into your TV. ) so today she was tugging on my left knee saying "Open (meaning turn this way). Chair. Sit. Me."

A few other phrases --

"I got it!"
"Dropped it"
"Broke it" (anything that Chuck or myself drop to the floor, or something she 'breaks', like today she tore a hole in her coloring book and ran out of her bedroom to get me to tell me she broke it.)
"Thank you" (we've had this one since before 16 months probably)

I'm so excited -- I'm off work for the next 4 days!!! Tomorrow Delaney and I are going to the library to pick up my library card, then to have lunch with my mom. We may swing into Target afterwards, we are in desperate need of batteries around this house, all of the toys seem to be dying at the same time. Friday will probably be a day spent outside and at the pool, then Chuck will be home with us Saturday and Sunday. One of those days will be spent at my parents, Chuck read up on how to recharge the a/c in the Focus and it is overdue. With the heat index, it's up in the triple digits most days in the afternoon.

More pics to come after the weekend, I'm sure!