Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Spidery Story Time

Last week on Thursday I took Delaney to her first ever story time at the Tavares Library. She is always so obsessed with other kids, and we don't have any other kids we really play with on a regular basis, so I decided this would be good. She was super shy, and didn't want to sing any of the songs or anything, but for her first story time I didn't really expect anything more. There was about 15 - 20 other kids there, so I know it must have felt really overwhelming. By craft time (the whole event was only about 30-35 minutes) she was ready to go. I made her stay and we finished her spider hat, put it on and then we left. She kept telling me "all through" and "home." We are going back tomorrow for "dinosaur" story time, hopefully it will get easier for her if we make it routine every week. Luckily it's always on Thursdays and I'm off work so it's easy to stay on schedule with it. I also signed her up for the Pumpkin Decorating/Costume Parade on the 30th.

Ready to go to story time
Smiling in her shades
Her spider hat