Friday, September 26, 2008

Sea World with Trish & Roy

On Thursday, Chuck took the day off and we headed down to Sea World to meet up with some of our favorite people. Trish & Roy were down from Virginia for the week for their annual Disney/Sea World vacation, and brought along Roy's daughter Brittany. We headed out and got to Seal World around 10:30am and met the gang at the dolphin nursery. We decided to go towards the Dolphin Feeding area so Trish, Roy & Brittany went in there and we headed to the other end to watch the dolphins swim around. They were jumping all around and we got splashed pretty good! We stopped for lunch at Mama's Kitchen & Smoky Creek BBQ. Sat and talked for a while, then decided to head out so we could do a few things before the dolphin show at 2:30pm. One of Chuck's friends, Nick, is a trainer and we talked to him that morning and knew he would be in the 2:30pm show so we wanted to see that one. Headed off to wander through the Penguin Encounter, and waited for Roy & Brittany to go on Kraaken & then Journey to Atlantis. We were right next to the Dolphin stadium, so we went in and got good seats. The show was spectacular, definetely the best one I've seen since they changed the show to Blue Horizons. Nick said they souped it up some because of the whole Anheiser-Busch being bought, and I guess the company that bought it is selling the parks, and some potential buyers were in the crowd. Either way, amazing show. After we saw the dolphin show, we hung out and said hi to Nick, who took us backstage to see the false killer whales.

Left the dolphin show and went to see the Sea Lion & Otter feeding area, walked through Shark Encounter, and then got our seats at the Clyde & Seamore show before the mime came out -- I hate walking past him!! By that time, Delaney was getting cranky (no nap) so we finished the show (probably ended around 5pm), walked over to see the pictures from Trish, Roy & Brittany feeding the dolphins & headed out. We went to Wendy's to get dinner & sat around for a while talking, while they got a taste of what dinner is like at my house (Delaney -- "Hi Trish. Hi Roy. Hi Brittany.") Finally left Wendy's around 7:30pm. I was definetely sad to say goodbye, I hate that we only get to see each other once a year. Talked about taking a trip that way to visit, so we might have to plan something like that. We definetely had a great time, I love hanging out with Trish! Roy's a great guy too, and Brittany was very nice & Delaney loved her.
And here is a crazy amount of pictures!!!!

Sting Ray Cove
The whole gang - Chuck with Delaney, Brittany, Roy & Trish
Roy & Trish
Chuck & Delaney
Dolphin Cove

Trish, Roy & Brittany after they fed the dolphins
Penguin Encounter
Taking some pretty pictures while we waited

Delaney & Trish

Roy & Brittany in the front!
Panoramic of the Dolphin Stadium
Blue Horizons Show

Our friend, Nick
Nick again

Bird Lady
Trish, Chuck must've taken this one especially for us!
Vulture Guys
False Killer Whales

Loved these pics!!

Backstage, Brittany, Roy & Trish with Nick & a false killer whale
Delaney wearing Brittany's shades
Sea Lion feeding area

Baby sea lion! Panoramic of the Clyde & Seamore show

Chuck & Delaney playing drums

Dinner at Wendy's
Trish, Brittany & Roy
Brittany & Delaney

That's all I have, once I get the pictures Trish took I will probably post a "Part 2" because a lot of good pics are on her camera. & her camera is better than mine. lol!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

mmmm, cake!!

This afternoon I had a few errands I wanted to run, one of them being to JoAnn's to get some more page protectors for my wedding scrapbook. We went inside, did our shopping and left. In the parking lot is an old (but still open) Twisty Treat. Delaney, of course, spots it in the distance and starts saying something. It was windy out, so I had to stop walking and say "What?" a few times. Finally, I realized she was saying "Cake!!" and pointing at the Twisty Treat. Hrm. It's 4pm, looks like rain, and I'm sure as heck not trying to wrangle a 2 year old in the parking lot while I attempt to feed her a soft serve ice cream cone at one of the 2 tables in a 12' square concrete "patio". She gave me an idea before I had time to think of one. She makes the "I'm crushing your head" thing at the top of the ice cream, pinches, and brings her empty fingers to her mouth. "mmmm, cake!" Then, "Mommy!" repeats motions, and feeds me some "cake." I make sure to repeat "mmmm, cake!" We proceed to do this, now using my free hand for my own cake, all the way to the car. I'm sure we looked so weird, but she was happy and I didn't have to deal with a meltdown from no cake. :)

I got so lucky because this is stuff we do when we draw in her coloring books. She always wants me to draw houses on the blank pages in her coloring books. I've gotten tired of houses and add on all sorts of things -- pools, trees, cats, dogs, swings, cars, etc. When I first did the tree I asked her what kind of fruit grew on our tree. As I drew red apples, she responded with "bananas". The Apple Banana Tree was born. After the apples and bananas are drawn, we both proceed to stuff ourselves silly by picking apples and bananas off the trees and eating them, followed by "mmm, bananas!" We're so goofy.

Also updated my 1001, I've added a link in the sidebar for easier access.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Today's post is brought to you by the number one. Or should I say uno? A little backstory -- my daughter loves to count things. Sometimes she counts 1 straight through to 10, (at 21 months -- maybe I'm just impressed because I'm her mom) sometimes it's "1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 9, 7, more!" etc.

For dinner tonight we had burgers and tater tots. Delaney's never been a fan of anything with ground beef, so she had green beans, yogurt and tater tots. I kept the tater tots on my plate, broken in 1/2 to cool down, then transferred them to her plate. She had to, of course, count the tater tots. Pointing to each piece as she said a number, she recited, "one, dos, tres, wato, cinco!"

Um, what just happened?????

Chuck and I are laughing out of sheer amazement. Delaney thinks that's cool.

We ask her, specifically, to count her tater tots IN SPANISH. Points at each piece, and says "one, dos, tres, wato (which I can only assume is quatro), cinco!"

Seriously, that is cool.

The only other Spanish word we've ever heard her speak is "sube", which my minimal spanish tells me (i.e. the spanish to english translator from yahoo search) means climb/rises. A popular word on "Go, Diego, Go" when Linda the Llama is going up a hill. Delaney uses it when she climbs onto the couches, somedays she says "climb" others she says "sube." I don't have any doubts she knows we speak English, but I think it's pretty neat she's learned that on "Dora the Explorer" and Go, Diego, Go!"

Monday, September 8, 2008

We went to see the dolphins

The weather was gorgeous this weekend, so we took a day and went to Sea World with our annual passes. Made the mistake of telling Delaney we were going to see the dolphins and paid for it dearly by listening to a 45 minute car ride of "dolphins, dolphins, dolphins, dolphins, dolphins, dolphins" get the idea. Even though it was disgustingly hot, we did have fun!

Checking out the turtles

Then we had a very short visit with the stingrays
Is it Jaws???
Nope, just the dolphins!
Delaney's favorite part -- the underwater viewing of the dolphins!
Cool picture!!

Off to see Clyde & Seamore

Back to the dolphins