Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Newfound Obsession

Well, it's about time I visited this ol' thing again, wiped the dust off of the sign in page and sit for a spell. I was going to update in February, we had some great stuff happening, like getting back our stacked tax refund that included that lovely "first-time homebuyer's credit". We managed to pay off our car loan, pay off our only credit card, AND pay off my student loans! Now our only outstanding debt is our mortgage and wow, is that a good feeling. Then we got some 'fun' money for ourselves, which Chuck used to get a few cabinets from Ikea for his Star Wars collectibles and I used my portion to get a dSLR that I have been coveting for at least a year.So much fun to play with, the pictures are crisp and clear, and now I just really need to learn all of the functionality of it.

In March, I got hit with a nasty cold, leaving my ribs aching like I'd be hit with an aluminum baseball bat from all the coughing. Lasted about 1 and 1/2 weeks, and now at the beginning of April I am finally getting over the second string (or maybe the first that never left) of this mess, which sent me to the walk-in medical clinic and left there with 4 medications, then the ER two days later for the rib pain and left there with 2 medications and a recommendation to get some Mucinex as well. Diagnosed as bronchitis, possible allergy relations as the meds from the clinic were Zyrtec, Benadryl, Nasonex and a z-pac.

Amongst all of the sickies, I was hit with my Newfound Obsession. It's actually an old obsession that, once revisited, is just as strong as it was almost 20 years ago. My best friend Trish and I went to see NKOTB in concert. Yes, THOSE NKOTB. Hanging' Tough, Covergirl, The Right Stuff (go ahead, sing it. We both know you know all the words, and I'm the last person that will tease you -- it's playing on my Itunes right now). These guys know how to rock a concert, and they are all pushing 40!! That was seriously the most pumped up concert I have ever been to, and the arena wasn't even completely packed. They sang a lot of the old stuff because they know as well as we do that was what all us 20 - 30somethings wanted to hear. And they played their new stuff too, from their new album "The Block" which is actually really good. I love "Dirty Dancing"

"Oh, it's so crazy, she's like Baby, I'm like Swayze
I'm said, oh, and I'm burning up
So, let's turn it up, I said TURN IT UP NOW!!

Since it was a girl's weekend (she flew down from VA as part of her bday present from her hubby) we went all out and hung out by the tour buses and actually got to shake hands/take pics of Donnie Walberg. We had so much fun, and NKOTB just released their summer dates, so even though she will be in VA and I will be in FL, we will be together in spirit and are both going to the summer show in our respective location!! My NKOTB partner in crime will be my loving husband, who has volunteered to go the concert with me, not sure if he is excited about the music or the ratio of men to women, but I am excited I get to go nonetheless. The concert is in Tampa on May 30th. And I just have to say, the guys (especially my fave, Joey) have all grown up VERY nicely.


Paulette & Kevin said...

I'm going again this summer to an outdoor concert with a friend. I'm very excited! And I agree, they grew up very nicely. :)

The Morgans said...

I am glad you had so much fun! I want to see pictures!!!