Sunday, January 4, 2009

Funny kid...

Last night our TV blew. Our big screen Magnavox. Delaney tells Chuck she wants to watch TV and he told her it was broken. She said, "Daddy, I have idea." He said, "What's your idea?" Delaney replied, "Fix it."

I have tomorrow off work, and decided that maybe I'll take Delaney to Sea World one last time before our tickets expire. I got my ticket out and called them, to make sure it was still valid -- Delaney loves Sea World so much I couldn't even fathom taking her and not being able to get in. She saw my ticket while I was on the phone and started saying "Shamu on it. Shamu on it." Then she asked to hold it, so I let her, hoping she would be quiet long enough for me to finish my conversation with the representative. Sure enough, as I'm telling the lady goodbye, Delaney is screaming in excitement, "SHAMU ON IT!" Needless to say, the rep. was cracking up as she was saying goodbye, and I'm sure shared her story with all her co-workers.

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